ChargePack® is available with two types

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ChargePack® have there output powers, 7.4kW max. and 22kW max.

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Standard RAL codes are available for ChargePack® body color. You can contact the Hera team for further colors or texture coating options..

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ChargePack® offers a variety of connectivity technologies. You can choose the ports that suits your needs to your device.

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You can customize your ChargePack® with a MID Meter which can measure your consumption.

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You can add or remove an emergency button on your ChargePack® device

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You can see your customized ChargePack® with a CODE and PRICE. For further customization and information, please contact the Hera team

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ChargePack® electric vehicle charge stations are optimum solution for usage in house and also it is perfectly lined with commercial usage on public points. With all features,
ChargePack®  product family has an adjustable structure according to needs. Adjustable maximum charge current allows user to use same station
with different charge methods. With its different color options,the ChargePack®  product family can adapt to any surface.


  ChargePack® Cable                    ChargePack® Socket         



ChargePack® supports OCPP 1.6j communication protocol (Upgradeable to OCPP 2.0) In design of ChargePack, universal communication protocols are used with wired and wireless interfaces like 4G, Wi-fi, ethernet.



ChargePack® provides to "Plug & Start to Charge" for home usage, ChargePack has remote charge on-off control option. With wide input voltage range, ChargePack® can be used at everywhere. User-friendly design, high electrical protection provides comfort and assurance to user. Integration to third party energy management systems can be made by ChargePack® (like Billing systems)



International accepted standarts are used on every R&D and production steps of ChargePack® product family. Different mounting types, lots of color choices and adjustable charge modes (With dip switch or via application) are provided for your needs.


create and use your selections  

ChargePack® can be used inside or outside the building because of its highly durable design. This product series made of corrosion and UV resistant materials. It can be used in harsh weather conditions without any problems.

Best Solution That Fits With Your Style 

Textures, from marble surfaces to wood, we offer thousands of unlimited options. Let's go beyond limits and choose extravagant texture coatings for feature projects.

Reflect YOUR Color

ChargePack® has been created in seven standard colors for body color.
We can also produce ChargePack® in any special paint code you want.